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Curubandá Dance and Music Company - Costa Rican Folklore - Central America

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Presentation and rates
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The members of Curubandá group are people of a wide experience in Costa Rica folklore.  Our mission is to preserve, and expose globally, the values and traditions of the costarrican culture, this is possible thanks to workshops, presentations, investigations, cultural exchanges and other life experiences of our members, To achieve this goal we use different artistic expressions, mainly the language of dance, music, oral traditions and the performance.


The Company is a non-profit independent cultural assemble. We are not financed by any agency. We organize our work by commissions divided in four mayor areas:

1.      Organization

2.      Development and Investigation

3.      Artistic performances

4.      Promotion and divulgation

During the last two years Curubandá has produced three different shows, all presented at one of the most important theater in Costa Rica, Teatro Melíco Salazar. In October we represented our country in the third edition of the International Festival of the Arts Coahuila 2002, Mexico. Also we have been present in many projects together with the Ministry of Culture of Costa Rica and Incorpore Association among others.

We have a cast of 35 artists, musicians and dancers, with several years of experience in folkloric music and dance. Our dance development has been complemented by modern dance, afro-Caribbean movement, and acting among other. At the music field our integrants have complemented their knowledge at the School of music of the University of Costa Rica, different municipal bands, popular music groups, and others.

Our Company also has mascaradas (masked clowns), stilt walkers, story tellers, and other artists depending of the kind of spectacle we are preparing.

Listed are our generals rates, but we are more than willing to get together to clear any doulbt or question.

Our Company gladly offers you a nice colorful spectacle showing traditions and music from different regions of Costa Rica,  including: several couples of dancers, live music, a number of costumes, mascarades, etc., with rates from $ 50.
¡We can offer a spectacle that fulfill your particular needs!